Femtelle uPA/PAI-1 Test

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  • The FEMTELLE uPA/PAI-1 ELISA Test allows to assess the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence in women with newly diagnosed, node-negative breast cancer. The test has been validated in multiple independent long-term clinical studies (>12 Jahre) with more than 8000 patients.
  • FEMTELLE quantitatively determines the uPA (Urokinase-Typ Plasminogen Activator) und PAI-1 (Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1) levels in tumor tissue extracts. FEMTELLE allows to identify patients with high (uPA and/or PAI-1 high) and low (uPA and PAI-1 low) risk of recurrence.
  • uPA und PAI-1 are the only new prognostic factors which are recommended at the highest level of evidence (LOE-1) for therapy decision in node-negative breast cancer by the German Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of breast cancer.
  • The test system is suitable for routine testing and clinical use. Its high reproducibility has been demonstrated in the prospective evaluation of an International Quality Assurance program.
  • FEMTELLETM is registered as a CE marked IVD product for in vitro diagnostic use.

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