Products A – E Products F – M Products N – Z
Neonatal Child Care
Apnea Monitors
Autoclaves/Steam sterilizers Fire Safety cabinets Osmometer
Autoclave Cleaner Ovens
Fume Hoods
Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer Paraffin Dispenser
Bag mixers  Gel documentation  Pasteurisers Human Milk
Balances Scales Glucose/Lactate PCR Cabinets
Baths and circulators Grossing Station PCR Reagents
Bead Bath Phototherapy Masks
Bilirubin Transcutaneous analyser Haematology analyser Phototherapy Lights
Bio Analytical Analysers Haematology Reagents  Pipettes Single Channel
Biopsy cassettes Haematocrit Centrifuges Pipettes Multichannel
Blenders Hb Meters Pipette controller
Blood Mixers HbA1c Analyser Pipette Tips
Blood cell counter Heating mantles Platelet Aggregation
Blood And Fluid warmer Histology Slides (prepared) Platelet Function Centrifuge
Blood Gas Analyzer Homogenizers Prepared Slides
Bloodbank Refrigerator Hot plates/stirrers
Bottle top dispensers
Breast Milk Pasteuriser Rapid Tests
Immunoassy Analyser Real-time PCR detection
Calibration Syringe 3 Liter Immuno-Histo Stainer Roller Mixer
Centrifuges Incubators (varying sizes) Rotary Evaporators
Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Incubators CO2 Refractometers
Chemistry analyser (automatic) Infusion warming Refrigerators – lab
Chemistry analyser (manual) Refrigerated Centrifuges
Chemistry safety cabinets
Chillers/Heaters for test tubes Safety cabinets Acids/Bases
Coolers for Eppindorf Tubes Lab Blender Shakers
Conductivity Lactate analyser Shock Wave Therapy
Cell Counters Laminar Flow Cabinet Slide Stainers
Coagulation analysers Lancets Safety Slide warmer
Colony Counters Lancets S/steel Spectrophotometers
Cryogenic Dewars LN Dewars / Refrigerators Sieves
Cryogenic Refrigerators Liquid based cytology Spiral platers
Cryogenic Vapor Shipper LN Dewars / Refrigerators
Cryogenic storage boxes Magnetic Stirrers  Tablet Counter
Cryostat Bench-top Portable Meters – pH Temperature Management-Warming
Cyto-Centrifuge – chlorine Temperature Management-Cooling
– portable density Theatre Lights LED
Desiccators – turbidity Thermal cyclers
Diff Counters – Salt Tissue Processors (Fast)
Dry bath incubators Microcentrifuge Tissue processor Linear
Microscopes Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer
Electrolyte Analysers Microtome Transilluminator
Electrophoresis Gel Boxes Microtome Bench
Electrophoresis power supplies Microtome Blades Ultrasonic Baths/Cleaners Analogue
Automated Electrophoresis Microplate Reader Ultrasonic Baths/Cleaners Digital
Electronic pipette Microplate Washer Uro Dynamic System
Eliza Tests Milk steriliser (Human)
Embedding Unit Paraffin Mixers and Rotators Vacuum pumps
Environmental Chambers Mills Veterinary Haematology Analyser
Mortuary/Autopsy Equipment Vortex Mixer
Examination Lights Media Dispenser  
Waterbath/slide dryer
Ultra Slim X-ray viewing box

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