Cryoalfa – Cryotherapy in a small format

This revolutionary and patented cryotherapy system


provides reproducible treatment results for a variety of
every day dermatological indications as warts,
ceratosis, age pigmentations e.g. by a constant
temperature of – 89 °C (liquid N2O) .
Within about 10 – 12 sec. The treated skin is frozen in
a depth of max. 3 mm. CRYOALFA can be dosed
exactly and it is ready for operation anytime and
everywhere because of its mobility.
More advantages
• no destruction of biological functions and structures
• satisfying cosmetic effects
• nearly no scars
• bloodless treatment without anesthesia
• almost painless and therefore also particularly suitable for kids
• good alternative in case of high operation risk or impossibility
• most everyday indications disappearing mostly after only one application



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