Safety Cabinets for Chemicals Acid and Bases

Labor Security System is leader in the design and production of safety cabinets SAFETYBOX® for the storage of flammable, chemical and gas products, as well as the activated charcoal filters CARBOX®. In the market for over 20 years, the Company has always focused the utmost attention on the clients´ needs. This attention reflects in the invention of cutting-edge, innovative products and features.

Labor Security System is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and the SAFETYBOX® products comply with the requirements of the European Norms, thereby obtaining the TÜV SÜD product certifications attesting their greatest quality. The models for flammable storage have all been tested for fire resistance in ministry licensed research institutes.

             AB 1200/50                                  AA 120 NEW                                    AB 900/50

AB 1200/50               AA 120 NEW            AB 900/50

               AA 600                                 AAW 120 NEW                                   A 600/50

AA 600                                AAW 120 NEW                     A 600/50

          AAW 600                            Box Veleni MF                                       AAF 120

AAW 600                        BOX VELENI                                   AAF 120 NEW


               AB 600                      AB 30/30                                               AB 1100

AB 600                 AB 30/30 EST                         AB1100

A 120 New                                          A600                                               AW 120 New

A 120 NEW     A 600          AW 120 NEW

AW 600

AW 600

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