Healthcare Technologies Ice Block Maker, the ‘Business in a Box’, offers truly ‘portable refrigeration’. Ice Blocks are easy to produce and distribute and can be sold in exactly the required quantity to a variety of waiting customers, such as :-

  • Communities or businesses that do not have access to their own ice or to an electric refrigerator
  • Those that need large quantities of ice for specific occasions,
  • Hawkers and vendors who can charge a premium for cold food, drinks or small ice cubes.
  • To watch an Ice Block Maker in action click this link ( )

Flake Ice Machines

Our range of rugged and reliable flake ice making machines provide dry, easy to handle flakes for storage and processing for use in the fish and fishing industries, in vegetable washing, bakeries, meat processing and dye house industries and more.

The size range is from 350kg to 70,000kg per day and both sea water or fresh water units are available with a choice of refrigerant and key system components.

Cube Ice Machines.

Our range of efficient and rugged cube ice machines provide ice cubes for the hospitality industry and for ice production factories. Capacities of 40, 80, 250, 450 and 1000 kg per day are available at competitive prices.


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