RT-2100 Microplate Reader

RT-2100 Microplate Reader

-Large LCD display, with touch screen.
-96-well plate, multiple tests in the single plate.
-Westguard Multi-rule, automated QC alert.
-Plate shaking, speed and time adjustable.

RT-2100C Brochure

RT-6100 Microplate Reader


-8-channel optical fiber system enables rapid reading for 96-well plate.
-Calculation modes include end point, two points, kinetic and so on.
-Plate shaking, speed and time adjustable.

RAYTO RT-6100 Microplate Reader



-UV wavelength available, including 340nm.

RT-6500 Microplate Reader-3 test methods: End Point, Fixed time and Kinetic.

-Temperature control, incubation time and temperature adjustable.
-Compact design, PC controlled system, Windows XP.
-User-friendly software offers simple operation.


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