Modular mortuary chambersThe modular mortuary refrigeration chambers, with the structure compounded by insulated modular panels, with different thickness (60/100 mm), are available with 2 different finishing materials, steel epoxy coated white colour or stainless steel and with models having possibility to accommodate from 1 to 9 bodies on special body-trays, realized in stainless steel, sliding on rollers to make easy the extraxction. For the models with capacity 3, 6 and 9 bodies, there is the possibility to choose between doors containing 3 body-trays or single doors for each body. Two different versions are available even for the temperature, to satisfy the various storage needs, as refrigerator, version “+” or freezer in the version “-”, both are provided with cooling units of latest generation with digital regulation and display of the temperature, forced-air refrigeration, low noise, reliable and functioning with environmental friendly gas.

Mortuary Refrigerators

– 2 versions, steel epoxy coated white colour or stainless steel
– 6 models with capacities from 1 to 9 bodies
– solid doors, individual for each body-tray or multiple trays, realized with the same insulation and material as the structure
– stainless steel internal fittings with body trays sliding on slides
– forced-air refrigeration
– automatic defrost with evaporation of condensate water
– positive or negative temperatures available



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