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Wide Range of Application

The SLAMED Osmometer 800CLG is a perfect microprocessor controlled analyser with 1-point calibration for any kind of physiological fluid, e.g. serum, blood, urine, sweat as well infusion solution or beverages  with crystallisation temperatures between 0 and 3.6 C°.

Cooling Peltier Effect

The measuring principle is the freezing point detection of super cooled liquids based on the cooling Peltier effect. On the cold side of an Peltier element the samples are cooled down below the freezing point to -7°C. The temperature at which the crystallisation occurs is the measure of the osmolality.

As the Peltier elements are air cooled, the SLAMED Osmometer 800CLG does not require any connection to

Cooling water.

1-Point Calibration

·   It is an outstanding advantage of the SLAMED Osmometer 800 CLG, that the calibration is preformed in 1 POINT only. In comparison with this, competitive analysers do need 2 or 3 different calibration points.

·   Once the SLAMED Osmometer 800 CLG is calibrated, the calibration remains stable the whole day long as the instrument stays switched on.

·   Visual control at the freezing curve with plateau zoom on the LCD display.

Aqua Dest – Calibration

The SLAMED Osmometer 800 CLG does not need expensive calibration solutions except distilled water for the zero point.

100μl Sample Volume

Precise measuring results from only 100μl sample make the SLAMED OSMOMETER special useful in medical laboratories, where it is a necessity to split blood sample into as small as possible aliquot for a variety of analysis.

Easy Operation

·   After the samples in 1.5ml tubes are inserted into the measuring position the instrument PERFORMS AUTOMATICALLY THE MEAURING PROCEDURE. FUNCTION CONTROL and ERROR IDENTIFICATION are also AUTOMATICALLY DONE by the instrument. USB and RS232 inputs that enable the osmometer connection to outside units according to user needs.

·   Available auto-assistance operating

·   Measurement history

·   Large, clear, digital result displaying in selected unit [mOsm/kg H2O], [°C], [%]

·   Language select (English / German)

·   Possibility of settings changing at every stage osmometer work.

Simple Installation

The SLAMED Osmometer is air cooled and does not need any connection to cooling water.

Robust Housing

The housing with epoxy lacquer paint ensures UTMOST MECHANICAL and CHEMICAL RESISTANCE to the laboratory environment.

Small Dimensions

·   Large, clear LCD display

·   With the dimensions of 30 x 20 x 17 cm and the weight 5kg only the SLAMED Osmometer can find its place on any lab bench.


·   Module parts replacement that make possible easy and fast service.

·   Service panel – fast identification the osmometr status for service needs

·   The autocalibration of the new thermistor probe.


 CLG 800 Brochure

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