Model: PL-600, Bench Top pH mV/Temp/RS232 Meter


Features:*Microprocessor based designed. Simultaneous display pH &
Temperature, C/F switchable.
* Compensation by ATC or MTC. Backlight for operating
conveniently anytime.
* Stores up to 64 reading which you can download to your
computer via R232 output.
*All reading feature stamp meeting GLP guidelines.

Model PL-600
pH mV Temp.
Range 0-14pH -2000-2000 -0.5-105oC
Accuracy ±0.01pH+1digit 0.1%mV/F.S ±0.2oC+1digit
Resolution 0.01pH 1mV 0.1oC
ATC 0-100oC
64 reading
Output RS 232
Power DC 9V by AC adaptor
Dimensions 200x160x65mm
Weight 650g


Complete Kit
* pH electrode (glass)
* Temperature probe (Pt 100)
* Buffer solution 4 & 7
* AC/DC adaptor
* Instruction manual
* Gift box
Option: * Model EH-10 Electrode holder.
* Model: MS-11C magnetic stirrer
with clamp for holding ph
electrode & temp. probe


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