Rotary Evaporator

Main body: button with pressure, 0-150mm lifting and falling in a high speed automatically.
The rotating speed: 20-200r/min; Digital display of the speed; power: 40W
Heating chamber: Teflon compound chamber, it is a closed heater, power: 1.4 KW; Temperature is controlled automatically, digital display water temperature, room temperature ~ 90C; Total power: 1.5KW, voltage: 220V 50Hz
Vertical condenser glassware. high-temperature-tolerant and high-quality glass. Double-circuit integrated ball joint with Receiving flask.
Material In-flow: Material in-flow valve is connected with PTFE tube.
Sealed gasket: fluorin rubber and vacuum; Main components: stainless aluminum, special ABS, high-temperature-tolerant and high quality glass having a good feature and long duration.
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