Digital Ultrasonic Baths/Cleaners






Laboratories: Cleaning, degassing, homogenizing, emulsifying,
Medicine: Cleaning surgical instrument, in the manufacture of implants and stants
Dental: Cleaning instruments for dental treatment, cleaning dental prostheses
Optics: Cleaning spectacles, optical lenses before coating…
Jewellery & watches: Cleaning chains, rings, straps…
Chemical sector: Cleaning reactors, acceleration of chemical reactions…
Plastics industry: Cleaning injection moulds…
Aircraft industry: Cleaning engine parts…

Ultrasonic cleaning is a high precision cleaning method, which is gentle, quick, safe and highly effective. Ultrasonic cleaners have the ability to clean both the externals and internals of a wide range of component parts and especially cleaning inaccessible areas.

Ultrasonic cleaning method has the capacity to reduce cleaning times from hours to minutes.


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