ecoDuo Glucose/Lactate Analyser


The ecoduo Glucose and Lactate analyser is the new member of the
successful „eco“-series. The Ecoduo allows
for measurement results in laboratory quality,
the handling of the device is very easy.
Calibration and ascertainment of the control
samples are performed automatically.
Due to the safe and easy handling, the
Ecoduo can be operated after just brief
instruction. The appliance does not need
periodic maintenance.
The Ecoduo is the perfect device for blood
glucose testing with a low number of samples,
combining cost-effectiveness with high quality measurement

ecoTwenty Glucose/lactate Analyser


The EcoTwenty is designed for applications that demand shortest analytical response time, and cost efficient solutions. The touchscreen assures easy reading and highest user comfort.

Content / Description:

Operation by touchscreen
130 samples/h
automatic tray position control
integrated service program
integrated thermal printer (optional)
Measurement range: 15 -900 mg/dl (0,8 – 50 mmol/)

REF 866002

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