2212 Starlet Bench-Top/Portable Cryostat


Not since cryostats were invented has there been such a small, portable yet convenient instrument. Featuring many design concepts developed from our continuous research programme, the Starlet cryostat is available in a choice of either handwheel or lever operation. The size of the Starlet makes it ideal as a back-up instrument or for use in laboratories where space is at a premium. Fully portable, it can be transported with ease from laboratory to laboratory and is a must for use in the ‘field’ – the possibilities are endless. If frozen sectioning is infrequent and a full-sized, full-priced cryostat cannot be justified, the Starlet does the job and fits any budget. Inexpensive and reliable, the Starlet – ideal where space and funds are limited – really is unique amongst cryostats.

Starlet Bench-top Portable Cryostat


An ABS Polymer and rustproof steel cabinet coated with scratch, solvent and detergent resistant PVC to provide strength and durability

A polished stainless steel chamber with detachable quick freezer bar and detachable storage shelf

Thermostatically controlled chamber temperature in the range ambient to -30°C with digital display

A choice of handwheel or lever operated microtome

It uses disposable blades and incorporates the Easi-Set anti-roll plate

The Starlet cuts excellent sections just like a full sized cryostat

Small, inexpensive and portable

Incorporates the Magnaplate anti-roll plate system

Complete with all standard accessories to start sectioning right away


Starlet Microtome

Of an elegant appearance, durable and easy to clean, the Starlet cabinet is manufactured using scratch, solvent and detergent resistant ABS Polymer and Stelvetite Polymer coated steel. The chamber is of stainless steel construction and comes complete with a detachable quick freezer bar and detachable storage shelf. Easy to clean and resistant to common decontaminating agents, the working chamber is convenient to use. Being relatively small the Starlet ensures rapid cool-down times, to -30°C in the chamber and to -40°C for the detachable quick freezer bar. While not in use, an insulated cover is pressed in place to ensure efficient running of the refrigeration system and also assists in reducing frosting. If the unit is transported, the chamber will remain cold for prolonged periods.


Unique to and designed specifically for the Starlet, the microtome is of radial, flat cutting design and can be operated by either a handwheel or a lever. Weighing approximately 1.8kg, the microtome is capable of cutting a wide range of specimens including soft tissue, hair follicle, cardiac muscle and lung. The Magnacut disposable blade system is fitted as standard, using long-life disposable blades for quick results, and of course, it eliminates the inconvenience of knife re-sharpening. Complete with an Easi-Set anti-roll plate, the Starlet is fitted with a 2-12µm feed screw for sectioning in 2µm increments, although a 4-24µm feed screw is available as an alternative. Taking only seconds to remove from the chamber, the microtome is easy to clean, resists corrosion and is easy to service – very little routine maintenance is required.


All refrigerant gases and the insulation foam used in the Starlet contain no CFC’s or HCFC’s. The Starlet is, therefore, 100% ozone friendly.


Compressor type
  • 1 x 3.86cc displacement
  • ozone friendly HFC refrigerants
Cooling power
  • 125watt at -30°C
Lowest settemperature
  • Ambient to -30°C with automatic programmable defrost with manual override and digital display. Detachable quick freezer bar to -40°C with digital display
  • ABS Polymer and Stelvetite Polymer coated steel – scratch, solvent and detergent resistant
  • Cutting Stroke: 30mm
  • Maximum specimen size: 22mm diameter
  • Total feed range: 10mm
  • Knife holder: Magnacut blade holder with long-life disposable blades and integral anti-roll system
  • Object holders: 22mm
  • Specimen orientation: Adjustable tilt angle 0-12°
  • Section thickness range: 2-12µm in 2µm increments

4-24µm optional



  • H315 x D740 x W465mm(min)/W546mm(max)
  • Net weight: 40kg
  • Gross weight: 48kg
  • Shipping volume: 0.20m3
  • Packing dimensions: H400 x D920 x W550mm
Weights vary according to specification of instrument

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