TEC 2800 Tissue Embedding Unit

AMOS AEC 380 Tissue Embedding Centre

Tissue Embedding Center

The heated paraffin dispensing module for 4L liquid paraffin reservoir with a spacious heated working surface and storage capabilities for both cassettes and molds. Uniquely designed with microprocessor temperature sensors, each single console which maximizes space utilization, multifunctional work stations. The entire unit is encased in a durable housing


Working surface

● The tissue embedding cassettes and base molds trays are removable to accommodate in embedding workflow and can be set at different temperatures.
The heated forceps holder can be set at the preferred temperature and six holes be available.
The ergonomic large working surface allows processing many samples at the same time.
The setting knobs allow to adjust the precise paraffin flow.
The large work surface allows draining of the excess paraffin into two large waste trays and allows processing many cassettes at the same time.
●I t can be set heating automatically from Monday to Sunday as user requirement timing.
The display panel allows convenience, quick operation.

New functions: The time of Switch off automatically can be set as user need.

Cold Spot
● The cold spot peltier is designed to orient even small and big cassettes.
The temperature range is from room temp. to -5
It is convenience

Technical parameter:

Nominal supply voltage: 220V/50Hz
Maximum power draw:1000VA
Working temperature(increments 1):

Paraffin Tank: form ambient to 90Cassettes/molds tray: from ambient to  90
Working table : from ambient to  90
Refrigerating and positioning table: from ambient to  -5
Forceps Holder: 65constant

Capacity: Paraffin reservoir:4 Lt
Cassettes/molds tray:1.4 Lt

Dimensions : Width:560mm
Net Weight:26KGS


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