TST1200 Grossing Station

Grossing work Station




●     The exhaust port on the under side of the instrument is located at a height lower than the waist and the exhausted air is made to flow in the direction opposite to the worker to protect the worker from being encroached by such gas as formaldehyde.

●          The cold and hot water system is designed for climate in different regions to ensure that the doctors work in a comfortable environment. The metallic hose and telescopic water tap enable the doctor to wash different working areas.

●         The spray( washing with running water)system located at the side of the table top makes it convenient to wash the table top to create a cleaner working area.

●          The drain hopper with a strainer prevents tissue in small size from going down to the sewer.

●          The unique integrated water pond meets the requirement for washing specimen in large size.

●          The round corner design of the table top enables easier cleaning.

●          The stainless steel fragment bucket is designed for collection of bits and pieces of the discarded tissue.

●          It can be made as user’s special requirement.


Technical parameter:


● Standard Size: 1700(L) X 2000(H) X 800(W) mm (can be ordered as user’s requirement)

● Power supply: 220V at 50Hz

● Power :  Fans: 275w

●      Water:1000w

●       Fluorescent Lamp: 40w

●      Ultraviolet ray: 40w

●       Hand Dryer: 60w

●        Pulverizer: 200w

●               Weight: 175 kgs

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