ATP-700 Tissue Processor

The model tissue Processor is an apparatus used for routine processing of animal, plant and human body tissue. It can be widely used in such institutions as hospitals, scientific research institutes, universities and judicial departments for clinical pathologic analysis and research on animal and plant cells.Characteristics

  • It has two hanging baskets.
  • One program of standard steps be fixed in the machine for user easily to operation directly.
  • The processor uses CPU microcomputer control system.
  • External UPS device for user choose to use which protect the running in order when power outage and balance the electrical current.
  • Simple control panel is easy to program and operate.
  • Safe tank and delay time function to help customer using with no worry.
Technical Parameter:

  • Quantity of hanging basket: 2 (each basket can hold 72 standard embedding cassettes with total capacity of 144 cassettes).
  • Quantity and capacity of liquid tank: 14(the last four are paraffin tanks), 1.3 Liter.
  • Retention period in each tank: 1 minute~23 hours and 59 minutes (it can be set at will but the time period for second running basket should not catch up the first running basket during the program is enforced.
  • Heating: press key <run>, heating begins automatically.
  • Temperature setting range for paraffin station: 55 C~ 70 C.
  • Retention period after leaving the tank: 30 seconds.
  • The two baskets move up and down in turn every 5 minutes.
  • Power supply: 220V +/-10%, 50Hz/60Hz or 110V +/-10%, 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Power: 600W.
  • Outside dimensions (mm): 1215 x 475 x 550.
  • Weight: 105 kg.

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