Donatello Tissue Processor

Donatello Fast is a closed cycle processor for histological specimens dedicated to those Pathologits requiring quick and reliable results. Donatello Fast is a rapid tissue processor that can safely process up to 360 small biopsies in about 45 minutes without using microwave or ultrasound technologies. The reagents heating is safely performed during their filling into the sample processing chamber without any delay by a patented device called EHE (Enhanced Heat Exchanger). Conceived with advanced technologies and with unique features, it assures the maximum operator safety and a new specimen standardization level. Donatello Fast assures reagents replacement at the right time and in the right position, due to the Reagent Identification (RI) technology, based on RFID reading.


Donatello Fast is the unique processor that works with ready-to-use pre-filled tanks, identified and certified with RI (Reagent Identification) system. This technology assures an absolute standardisation of the results avoiding any human mistake: reagent loading operations are performed with disposable tanks, they are monitored by the system through the software guide and they offer great practically and advantage for the operator. Donatello Fast processes tissues, both with standard protocols and with non-toxic substitute products such as Ottix Plus and Ottix Shaper. For both the processor has optimized and studied protocols. With a processor capacity of 360 specimens, 3 paraffin melting basins and easy-to-use software, it is on the top of its category.

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