Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipette


Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipette

  • Description

Repeatability, ergonomics, combined with very competitive price. Unlike most of fixed volume pipettes, CLINIPET is not based on variable volume pipette handle. The CLINIPET handle and mechanism was designed especially for the fixed volume pipette range, consequently not possessing the components affecting pipette weight or affordability. The newest version of HTL fixed volume pipette, the CLINIPET+ features lowered pipetting and blowout forces, highly durable shafts and a fully autoclavable, UV resistant body. CLINIPET+ is an ideal pipette for a number of clinical and educational applications.


  • Lowered Pipetting Forces
  • Lowered Sealing and Ejection Forces
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Reliable pipette – tip system
  • UV Resistant
  • Recalibration System
  • Sliding tip ejector
  • Durable Pipette Shafts

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