Pipette Controller


Pipetting Aid

  • Within the last 3 years HTL has become one of the world leaders in manufacturing of pipette controllers. These precise, motor powered, electronic tools, designed to work with glass or plastic pipettes from the range of 0.5ml to 100ml, feature all characteristics necessary for accurate and convenient handling of larger liquid volumes. HTL pipetting controllers are renowned for their ergonomic design, highly efficient motor allowing for fast aspiration and dispense of large volumes combined with sensitive valves ensuring full control and precision while dispensing even the smallest samples. What makes the SWIFTPET+ pipetting controller different from products of most manufactures are the rest wings, allowing to place this tool safely “on its back” whenever it is needed, without the risk of flooding the unit with the liquid remaining in the pipette. Another unique feature of the SWIFTPET+ pipetting aid is the safety valve blocking the liquid from entering the inside of the tool in case of overpipetting. New SWIFTPET+ is additionally equipped with the LCD display and charging stand.

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