Pipette tipsHTL Pipette Tips

HTL Pipette Tips

HTL offers a complete pipetting system, the wide range of pipette models together with a full scope of highly precise, ultra clean and conveniently packed pipette tips. HTL Pipette Tips are certified to be free from bio active contaminants (RNase, DNase and Pyrogens). All tips feature:

  • Flexible tip collar allowing for effective sealing on different brands of pipettes (Check in the COMPATIBILITY TABLES if HTL tips fit your pipette)
  • Ultra fine, smooth tip walls and fine point tip orifices
  • Low wettability and virgin cleanness of raw material (polypropylene)
  • Highly transparent walls
  • Diversified, user friendly packaging formats

Table compatibility_tip HTL_Thermo

Table compatibility_tip HTL_Socorex

Table compatibility_tip HTL_Gilson

Table compatibility_tip HTL_Eppendorf

Table compatibility_tip HTL_Capp

Table compatibility_tip HTL_Brand

Table compatibility_tip HTL_Biohit

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