The Urocap IV uses Uroflowmetry as a form of Urodynamic testing. The urinary flow rate and volume are measured and the results, in general, are used to verify or disprove patient symptoms via scientific methodology. Data acquisition occurs as the transducer collects and processes data, which is displayed via the Urocap IV software application. It prints the data in graphical form through the Urocap IV software or the iLIST™ Office Reporter software, and is followed by a calculated Voiding Summary. Some of the features include:

•Hardcopy printout of Uroflow report including:
•Patient information section
•Uroflow graph including Flow and Volume channels
•Voiding Summary
UROCAP IV: Uroflowmetry Refined

Urocap IV is the latest in a line of reliable, standalone, cost effective and easy to use Uroflowmetry solutions from LABORIE. As a wireless, battery-powered, water-protected device, it is capable of providing patient privacy and functional versatility; simply place it where you want and it will send data wirelessly to your computer. The UROCAP IV software is unparalleled in its ease of use; combined with i-LIST™ Reporter software, you can review and generate a variety of scripted or data reports with a few clicks of a mouse! With one extra click, the reports can be printed, sent to MS Word, PDF writer or automatically emailed to referring physicians. Our latest technology allows you to simplify your clinical workflow and increase patient throughput without strain on your team or compromise on quality of care. As your solution provider for quality Uroflowmetry, LABORIE’s Urocap IV is designed with your work flow in mind.


Laborie Urocap III

is an innovative Uroflowmeter with load cell technology. With its fully automatic capabilities, the Urocap III provides accurate recordings that are easy to produce and interpret.

Unique Configurations and Technology

Available in three different configurations: Standalone, PC, or PDA

Starts printing when flow is detected and stops when patient stops voiding

Bluetooth® wireless technology allows for greater privacy during voiding procedure

Automatic calculation of Uroflow Summaries

Backed by Laborie’s outstanding service program

PC and PDA Software Capabilities

Playback tests and analyze with VBN software.Keep all test data secure with built-in security features (fully HIPAA compliant) Intuitive software makes record keeping easy to manage.Optional Nomograms feature help with patient diagnosis


Laborie’s Delphis KT is the latest innovation in UDS systems by Laborie. This advanced structure — all contained in an attractive, ergonomically-sound mobile cart — can be customized to suit your needs.


Laborie’s Urostym provides the most current protocols for the treatment of urinary incontinence. Generate reports quickly and easily that include complete patient information for analysis, treatment, and results. Customer testimonials have proven Urostym™ to be easy to use and to program.


Laborie’s reference product, represents total customization for the most discerning center of excellence or academic environment. Wireless capability encrypted to deliver unsurpassed fidelity for EMG and Video Urodynamics. So much at your finger tips including multiple operating systems for both video and non video environments. Video capabilities include rapid intelligent data acquisition without ever missing a key event. Seamless operation enables clinician to focus on the patient while ensuring high speed sampling for up to 16 channels. Simultaneously monitors bladder, X-Ray or ultrasound, plus a multi-window display capability for multiple room viewing. Each system is wireless with industrial PC technology as well as optional laptop, customized to fulfill the specific needs of its users.

Sonesta Procedure Chair

A flexible solution in your examination room.

The Sonesta 6300 series is a flexible solution to your examination room.

With three motor functionality the model 6303 will adjust your patient with lift, reclining back and a pelvic tilt, all at the touch of a button. The Sonesta 6300 series is packaged with basic accessories yet is compatible with the full line of Sonesta add-ons making for a flexible, and comfortable procedure environment.

Model 6302 incorporates motors into the lift and seat section, and uses

hydraulic pistons to assist in manually raising the back portion of the procedure chair.

Two motor maneuvering is available with an adjustable back and lift motor in model 6302U, where the seat portion is fixed to one of three desired positions.


Laborie”s injeTAK Injection Needle.

injeTAK is the first injection needle to offer unique depth control functionality. Our exclusive needle design allows the user to inject the desired substance accurately in different areas of the lower urinary system.

Thanks to injeTAK’s revolutionary precision depth control, injections are safer and more comfortable than other products available on the market today.

Laborie’s Pebax catheters

Twin Lumen

For measuring bladder and urethral pressures, Laborie’s urodynamic catheters made from a custom Pebax blend, offer a variety of features.

  • Optimized flexibility ensures patient comfort during catheterization
  • Luer lock connectors with ergonomic wings for easy connection
  • Universal color coded channels for quick and easy identification
  • Lumens designed to reduce risk of channel crosstalking (filling lumen included)
  • The pressure hole is cut with advanced technology to maximize patient comfort
CAT206 Twin Lumen 6Fr 40cm 10
CAT208 Twin Lumen 8Fr 40cm 10

Triple Lumen

CAT307 Triple Lumen* 7Fr 40cm 10

Silicone Rectal Balloon

CAT411 Latex Rectal Ballon (Adult) 10Fr 5cc 40cm 10
CAT506 Silicone Rectal Ballon (Pediatric) 8Fr 2.5cc 40cm 10
CAT509 Silicone Rectal Ballon (Adult) 10Fr 5cc 40cm 10

Air Charged Catheters(TDOC)

offer a reliable circumferential pressure monitoring system.

  • Easy to use.
  • Single or Dual Sensor options.
  • Cost – Competitive.
  • Radio opaque markings available.
CAT875 Abdominal Catheter without Lumen Rectal / Vaginal 50cm 7 Fr 10
CAT878 Single Sensor with Lumen + Coude Tip Bladder 50cm 7 Fr 10
CAT880 Dual Sensor Catheter with Lumen Bladder/Urethral 50cm 7 Fr 6cm 10
CAT885 Dual Sensor Catheter with Lumen Bladder/Urethral(Radio – opaque) 50cm 7 Fr 6cm 10
CAT895 Single Sensor with Lumen Bladder/Urethral 50cm 7 Fr 10
CAT905 Single Sensor with Lumen Bladder/Urethral(Radio – opaque) 50cm 7 Fr 10

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