BagMixer® Starter Pack

Bag Mixer Starter Pack

BagMixer® Starter PackInstant lab!

BagMixer® Starter Pack is a full pack to get you

started. BagMixer® 400 is an easy-to-use and

powerful bag mixer lab blender. Adapted to all kinds of

applications and with a guarantee of optimal

bacterial extraction, it is a great tool avoiding all

risks of cross-contamination. For

high-quality and to increase your lab’s capacity,

choose BagMixer® Starter Pack !

THE BAGMIXER® STARTER PACK INCLUDES: 1 LAB BLENDER 1 BagMixer® 400 lab blender + STERILE BLENDER BAGS * 500 BagFilter® filter bags *1000 BagLight®plain bags + ACCESSORIES * 50 BagClip® closing clips * 1 BagOpen® bag opener/holder *1 BagRack® storage rack USER-FRIENDLY We thought about everything which could be useful for you to start your microbiological analyses: everything in one pack! BUDGET-FRIENDY Starting your lab with a BagMixer® Starter Pack means good equipment and great value! HIGH QUALITY * INTERSCIENCE is the unique manufacturer of both lab blenders & sterile bags * BagMixer® is a world best-seller: + than 10,000 used daily for all kind of microbiological analyses * BagMixer® has life-time guarantee for shock absorbers and window door BagMixer® has a 3 year guarantee

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