BiliChek 2 Non-invasive Bilirubin Analyser

Bilichek Brochure (new)

Healthcare Technologies has announced the release of a new model of the BiliChek transcutaneous bilirubin analyser system that can non-invasively detect and quantify jaundice in newborns. Marketed under the Philips Children’s Medical Ventures brand, the device uses light to measure total serum bilirubin levels in skin though a special touching tip sensor.
Features of the new BiliChek:

  • Ergonomic design, slimmer and lighter, improves dexterity for easier measurements
  • LCD color screen is perfect for operating in the low-light levels of a nursery
  • Easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions, graphics and a faster measurement system increase proficiency and productivity
  • Numeric key pad allows user to enter or attach patient or nurse information to the patient’s bilirubin measurement
  • On-board help system walks user through the measurement process and provides access to the online help menu
  • New BiliChek analyser provides an option to interface with hospital charting or laboratory information systems
  • Barcode scanner allows for accurate entry and verification of nurse and patient identification information
  • New, less touch-sensitive tip allows for easier readings with reduced error
  • Integral, long-lasting, rechargeable lithium battery

BiliChek 2 Non-invasive Bilirubin Analyser











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